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WAZA ceramics are high-fired stoneware. It is a long process to complete each piece. We start by selecting and processing the clay. Then pieces are shaped and allowed to dry. After the first firing, we mix glazes and decorate. Then a second high-firing and the pieces are cooled. The process takes at least a few weeks, but the results of high-firing always justify the effort.

Mitsugumi Awase Ginko Crest
Three ginko leaves + moon curves
represents our Ceramics.
The technique we use to shape ceramics is called "slab building". This requires taking several clay slabs and putting them together to make a three-dimensional piece. Sometimes we combine thrown parts made with a potter's wheel, but most of our pieces are entirely slab built. The big difference between wheel-thrown and slab-built techniques is that slab-built pieces can have sharp complicated designs using both straight and curved lines.

The basic formula for WAZA glazes comes from Japanese and Chinese tradition. The black Tenmoku glaze with its high iron oxide content and the clear Celadon glaze with its high silica content are our most popular.

Since 2003, we've been experimenting with high-glass content glazes and with using glass itself as a glaze. There was a lot of trial and error but we have found several glaze/glass combinations that can be adapted to our work. Pieces with these new glazes have been getting a great response.

StudioWAZA has 3 signature ceramics
  1. Crescent Bottles
    Our unique bottles and vases are adapted from the Japanese motif of the crescent moon curve. The crescent moon is a symbol of beauty and harmony in Japan.
  2. Footed Trays
    Footed trays have been used in Japan for centuries, as Shinto and Buddhist religions require that offerings be lifted up.
  3. Curved Tiles
    These one-of-a-kind tiles are sold as individual art pieces. Framed tiles can be used as wall art, and make nice gifts. Bare tiles can be incorporated into upscale wall spaces. Two of our tiles are listed in 500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work by Lark Ceramics Books.
Moreover, we constantly create unique pieces with new shapes and concepts. Extra-large platters, glass-collaborated wall hangings and clay flowers are some of the newest popular works.

There are no boundaries for our ceramics. They can be adapted to indoor or outdoor spaces. Our dining ware brings function to form with fine durable plates and platters. Garden pieces never weather and complement the beauty of nature in any season. When combined with other mediums the possibilities are unlimited.

* functional dining ware
* sculpture and wall decoration
* custom tile
* garden deco
* house furniture
* holiday gifts

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