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Commercial space design
Custom tile walls will make your commercial space memorable. Colorful glass-glazed tiles can create a bar thatfs inviting and rich. And a ceramic sink and backsplash gives a grand atmosphere to even the smallest of rooms.
Empty walls pop when decorated with mosaic tiles or large-scale wall hangings. In addition, free-standing sculptures suit entrance halls. Paired with our large-framed photography, you can create a fun gallery-like impression that is easy to switch with the seasons.

Our product diversity lets you maintain design sense throughout the room by pairing art with functional tableware and furniture. Over-sized platters present large potions in a fashionable way. Custom-shaped ceiling and wall lights will draw unique patterns on the walls and across our space dividers.

StudioWAZA has nearly 10 years of renovation experience. With our help, it is possible to enhance your space or take it back to blank and design an entirely new atmosphere.

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