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WAZA means "highly-skilled technique" in Japanese. The Japanese character is made with two parts. The left side represents "hand" and the right side represents "support".

StudioWAZA works in 3 mediums by 2 artists, J. Wesley Allen and Takashi Hirose. The collaboration of two artists with completely different cultural backgrounds gives our work depth and breadth.

Our mediums are ceramics, glass and photography. Each has been refined with a Japanese sense of beauty.

Having three mediums makes it possible to create works of mixed media. Matured elements with depth merge together naturally. Our ceramics incorporate elements of glass. Photography can capture the beauty of the other elements. It has its own shine and inspires us to explore the beauty of nature outside the studio.

We also offer custom living, garden or commercial space design. StudioWAZA's diverse collection and extensive artistic network can make a drastic change to your space.

Our mission is to bring the quality of handmade crafts to modern life; to live surrounded by craftsmanship as they did in old Japan.

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