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Lampwork glass beads are called "Dragonfly Jewels" in Japan. They became very trendy during the Edo period (1603-1867 AD). At that time, glass beads with round circle designs were very popular and people thought they look like the eyes of a dragonfly.

represents our
Lamp work Glass Beads Jewelry.
The method of making beads with glass rods over a flame reached Japan during the Nara period (AD 710-794). Artisans wrapped melted glass around metal rods to create the round shapes.

Osaka - the home of StudioWAZA's Japanese studio - produces the finest highest quality glass, designed exclusively for glass beads and sculptures. There is no quick way to make a lampwork glass bead. Every color in a bead comes from a different glass rod and they all have to be melted together in one sitting.

The patterns and colors we use are very traditional in Japanese fashion. For more than 10 centuries, people have enjoyed similar glass beads on their kimono, hair pins, purses and so on. Glass beads have always been a favorite item of jewelry.

The unique charateristic of StudioWAZA jewelery is to combine lampwork glass beads with natural gemstones, faceted crystal glass and metal parts. The traditional style was to wear just one bead on a cord or several of them linked together.

We adapt modern materials and suggest new ways of wearing lampwork beads. It's the best way to mix them with current fashion trends.

Moving forward, StudioWAZA can expand the use of lamp work glass beads to home decoration like chandeliers, room dividers and holiday ornaments.

Expect some surprises.

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