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Living space design
Studio WAZA is conscious of three "distances" inside living spaces. Development of these distances makes a space artistic and functional. Balance is important, and it's up to you to choose which one should have the most attention. Here the three "distances":

1. Close distance - Things you often touch and use.
(Recommended: Dining and tableware, footed trays and lamps)

Switching to handmade dining ware is the quickest way to enrich your daily life. Home-cooked meals look best on handmade dishes and bowls. Also, let's give keys, candles, soaps and flowers a proper place to sit so they look like they belong.

2. Mid-distance - Something to look at and occasionally touch or move.
(Recommended: Crescent bottles, vases, candle flowers, ceramic bouquets and framed tiles)
People often settle their gaze from objects in the mid-distance. When we relax, we naturally look for pleasing things at this distance on which to rest our eyes. Sometimes it is a vase on the side table or a free-standing sculpture on the shelf. These objects can be functional, or just for fun. WAZA has a variety of "mid-distance" works that your eyes are sure to enjoy.

3. Far distance - Something to put on your wall or install overhead.
(Recommended: Custom tile, wall hangings, ceiling lights, mirrors, framed photography)

This is the distance where you are the most free to express who you really are. So many homes miss chances to develop this space well by using common materials and plain tiles. Switching to custom tiles and large-scale artworks will give your home a personal, completed feel that just painting a wall never will.

Take a look at the rooms that use tiles: kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces. These surfaces use tile for durability, but they are also the places where you are most likely to settle your eyes on the "wall". Isn't it worth it to tile these surfaces with something personal and unique? Even one single accent tile can make a big difference.

Most people are familiar with hanging paintings and photography on the walls. Hanging ceramic art is a guaranteed way to make a statement. We sell framed tiles for small walls and large hangings for big walls. We also design custom stained glass to fit any window.

Studio WAZA even has something for your ceiling. Custom lights and chandeliers will put the finishing touch to your fashionable house.

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